Home Energy Audit
Start saving today!
Save EnergyOur Free In-Home Energy Savings Assessment is your first step to lower utility bills. A highly trained Energy Savings Assessment Specialist will come out to your home or business and go through a complete Energy Assessment that is guaranteed* to save you money on your next months utility bill.
Here's what you get for Free!
  • We take a look at your current utility bills and identify where you can start saving immediately.
  • Perform an attic insulation assessment to determine type of insulation and R value so you will know how efficient your insulation is performing.
  • Perform a compass orientation of your home to accurately determine your homes thermal and radiant protection.
  • Attic ventilation assessment that will identify any problems such as mold and mildew.
  • Perform an air duct assessment for leaks and proper integrity of the duct work.
  • Perform air leak test around doors, electrical outlets and window jams.
  • Perform a water heater assessment for proper operation and set temperature for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Perform a plumbing assessment. Check the hot water piping and all other pipes for leaks.
  • Perform an appliance assessment including the refrigerator and freezer for proper setting and operation.
  • Perform a lighting assessment to identify any lighting issues that could be hazardous and updated for energy savings.
Plus you'll receive a complete report and any recommendations that could lower your utility bills and save you money.
We'll also show you all the discounts and rebates available from your utility company for any upgrades and changes you make to cut down on energy usage.
Free  Energy Assessment -Save Energy and Money!